The Power of Choice

Dr. Caroline Leaf, cognitive neuroscientist, has suggested that we can turn on our brains to the power of the spirit, soul and body health. Taking into account the neuroplasticity of the brain Leaf says that the power of our mind can overcome our brain and change our circumstances.

In a recent blog post Leaf suggests that the key to change lies in focused prayer. 12 minutes of focused prayer every day for 8 weeks can change our brain to such an extent that it can actually be measured on a brain scan.

Now, that’s something powerful to think about: we are hard wired with a path to exact change in our brain.

Think about it, fitness gurus and trainers help us change the look and shape and tone of our bodies by working out; so why not apply the same principle to our brain.

Amy Chau did.

Remember a few years ago when Amy Chau, Yale law professor and author of “Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mom” came on the scene? Yes, her parenting style was considered controversial, but maybe she came to her philosophy through seeing what others were lacking in theirs. In other words, is it better to allow the brain to be over exposed to manipulative, mind-altering video games for hours on end or teach the power of concentration; allow long term memory to fully develop and used short-term memory for what is was intended: sort what should be kept and move to the long term memory for storage and future use?

You make the choice.

Hello, what?! Do we really need to have the conversation about video games and the brain? Ok, here it is in brief: no screens before age 2. That means do not allow your child to hold your phone, look at your iPad, computer or television or any other electronic device before their second birthday. Then from age 2 through 4 …some experts say age 6… not more than 2 hours of screens per week. The brain needs the opportunity to develop in the manner in which it was created. Hand eye coordination; small and large motor functions; and communicative skills are all developmentally delayed in children with early exposure to screens. Further, video gaming sits in the short-term memory and does not allow the long-term memory to develop; and, the blue color disrupts the circadian rhythm of the brain. The result is maladaptive behaviors begin to manifest.

While we are on topic, do you remember the smart phone conversation? Wait Until 8th!

There are countless scientific studies and industry articles to bear this out. Kim Jensen and Jon Dabach discussed video, gaming and their impact at a recent NATSAP Conference.

Chau’s philosophies on raising children focus on teaching the power of concentration. We live in a world of hurry up and instant gratification through an electronic push-button life style. What are we really learning, and but more than that, what are we teaching our children?

Its about the power of choice. What will your choice be?!

Leaf reminds us that the power of choice is so profound that God gave it to us as a gift; so that no one would be a puppet, but that each would have the opportunity to choose as we, as individuals, see fit, regardless of our station in life. Mental toxicity is not our destiny…unless we choose it to be.

Renewing our mind does not happen over night and it does not happen in 8 weeks; it is a life long process. Choose renewing of your mind today and every day.

Lane Taylor