Christian Life Coaching

There is no roadmap for the life we choose to live and consequently many people get stuck in their existence. Questions that impact our lives arise every day: which job to take, which path to pursue, which door to walk through; how does anyone decide? To whom do you turn for advice and guidance?

Just because you are stuck does not mean you need a therapist; it means you need a coach. Hunter Professional Advisors Christian Life Coaching is all about helping you: get un-stuck; launch into the future; and live the life that you are meant to live.

Christian Coaches

As Christians our coaches nurture, encourage and mentor the same way Jesus taught His Disciples. We do not focus on your past; but meet you where you are and help you prepare a LifeMap for your future. It does not matter why you are stuck, or that your journey of life has derailed. What matters is that at Hunter Professional Advisors there is no judgment; but there is acceptance, nurturing and encouragement.

Hunter Professional Advisors provides you with a Christian Life Coach who will help you find hope and direction while walking with you along your journey. With the Christian worldview as the foundation of our coaching, we help you open the doors of opportunity in your life.


We offer the following Christian Life Coaching services: