Divorce Coaching

Are you going through a Divorce?  Do you have a Divorce Advocate?

No, I am not referring to your attorney. I am referring to someone who can walk with you through the divorce process, and advocate on your behalf: a Divorce Coach.

Divorce Coaching Services

Hunter Professional Advisors can guide you through the pre-legal portion of your divorce and advocate for you throughout the entire process of divorce. Many people getting divorced unknowingly increase their legal fees by spending time on the phone with their attorney complaining about their soon-to-be-ex; venting about what may or may not happen; and, playing out one scenario after then next. Your attorney is paid to make certain your legal rights are not violated during the process of dissolving your marriage; and provide legal advice.

HPA Divorce Coaches do not provide legal advice but have been down the road you are embarking on and have first hand experience in matters of divorce and will help guide you through. We will work minimize your legal fees and streamline the legal process by helping you develop a plan for success.

HPA Divorce Coaches will work in conjunction with your attorney to liaison the process; or, help you cut the attorney out of the process all together. That’s right: not everyone needs an attorney to get a divorce. HPA Divorce Coaches are able to lead Clients through the process of divorce without them ever retaining the service of legal counsel.

Regardless of the complexity of a Clients divorce, HPA will work with Clients through their difficult situation. HPA Divorce Coaches do not pass judgment. Likewise, we will help you peel back the layers of hurt and anger in order to establish an emotional environment of safety and peace where you will be in a place of acceptance for the supportive guidance of a coach.

Have you come through a season of divorce? Are you learning how to navigate life after divorce? Learn more about our life after divorce coaching