Life After Divorce Coaching

What does Life after Divorce look like? It’s different for everyone.

You have been on a journey of separation and division; heightened anxiety; uncertainty and sadness; and lived a certain way to attain your goal. You have lived in a state of concentration toward the finality of this chapter of your life, and now that you have crossed the finish line things are not how you envisioned them to be. You pressed forward through a quagmire of awkwardness to attain new life yet, when it’s all said and done, you don’t feel as though you have won, you feel as though you have lost your way.

You charted a path and adopted a lifestyle as your pressed toward the goal of divorce and now that you have reached your goal, questions remain:

  • Am I there?

  • How am I supposed to feel?

  • Is confusion normal?

  • How can I find my new normal?

  • So I signed the papers, what’s next?

Life After Divorce Coaching is essential to help you find direction, find your new normal and find your focus again.