Parents with Struggling Teens

“Regardless of a parents decision for their struggling teen to attend wilderness therapy, therapeutic boarding school or implement a parent-teen contract at home every struggling teen and their parents need a coach.”

With more than 30 years experience in working with families and struggling teens  Holly Hunter, Owner, Hunter Professional Advisors offers a unique perspective on coaching families with children of all ages. “The family life that we grew up knowing, in many cases, no longer exists…” Hunter said “…and it is up to parents to take that back – they are the only ones who can.”

“Teens by their very nature struggle on some level,” says Hunter. Clear boundaries, reasonable expectations and home-life contracts, sets a new standard and it is this structure that makes a difference in the level of struggle that teens will experience. In a world full of fast-paced technology; instant, remote-control results; two-parent professional families; and single parent families, teens are often expected to be able to handle their own life and make adult decisions at an age when their frontal lobe is not fully developed. Often it is not until a crisis arises that parents discover their teens are struggling. Making time to engage a Christian Life Coach will help keep each family member on the same page; provide family unity and minimize the struggle.

“Its largely about love and respect, yes, it is also however about parents being parents. Remember that just because your teenager looks like a young adult does not mean they are capable of processing information like one. Remember the frontal lobe does not close until age 25,” Hunter said.

Hunter Professional Advisors are here to help parents of struggling teens establish better paths of communication and set boundaries that work for the family; teach each family member how to be accountable; and, establish paths for growth and success.

Hunter Professional Advisors also assists families of struggling teens that are currently in short-term or long-term therapeutic wilderness or therapeutic boarding school. Hunter Professional Advisors will liaison between the therapist, staff and the parents to assist in the healing process; we also provide after care and contracts for family living.

Hunter says “We are the in-home eyes and ears for therapists and other mental health professionals.”